Welcome to PEMA - The destination for your trip in the heart of Skåne!
PEMA is diffrent:
Visit PEMA the departmentstore with a diffrent selection. In our store you will find things you don´t find anywhere else - we get new shipments every day.

PEMA is independent:
We are not connected to other departmentstores, that is why we can deside for ourselfs what we want to sell. We import many products on our own so we can offer different and exciting products to our costumers.

PEMA is big:
PEMA is 1800 squeremeters, filled with products such as for Home and Householding, Clothing and Sparetime, Scrapbooking and Cardmaking, Hobby and Toys, Paint, Wallpaper, Carpets and many more. We are open 7 days a week, with a few exceptions, with free parking.

PEMA saves money:
PEMA is located in the country, that is why we can offer low prices - low expenses, gives low prices. Why pay more?!

PEMA is competent:
PEMA has excisted since 1982, we started as wholesalers, and we are still wholesalers. Become a retailer.
As time past by we opened a store, who has grown into a big departmentstore. Even if we are big we can still boast about a competent and serviceminded staff, who really cares about you, our costumer.

PEMA is family:
Pema is a familycompany! That is why we care about you and try our best to please you, just as you do in a family!

PEMA is pleasant:
The costumers are pleased with PEMA, they like it here! Both private persons and companys comes from far and near, just to experience our store environment and to discover our wide range.
I recommend you to visit us too!

PSSSSST...Look here..
We are building Skånes biggest Scrapbook- and Cardmakingdepartment!
And can proudly present our own line with artstamps, designed by our own designers.

PEMA is open:
Monday-Friday 09.00-18.00 Saturday 09.00-17.00 Sunday 11.00-17.00
Holidaytime Openingtimes only in SwedishWELCOME!
AB PemaGruppen | Korsholm 7054 | S-242 97 HORBY | SWEDEN
Ph: +46 (0)415-222 67 | Fx: +46 (0)415-222 68 | Email: info@pema.cc
DalerRowney - Aquafine - JUMBO-A3- 403660071
DalerRowney - Aquafine - JUMBO-A3- 403660071
439,90 kr 349,90 kr
Fönsterlampa - Blomma 46206-73
Fönsterlampa - Blomma 46206-73
199,00 kr 159,00 kr
BiEs - EdT -Men Inside - Men - 100ml
BiEs - EdT -Men Inside - Men - 100ml
69,90 kr
BiEs - EdT - Perfetto Uomo - Men - 100ml
BiEs - EdT - Perfetto Uomo - Men - 100ml
69,90 kr
Jordglob med belysning
Jordglob med belysning
399,00 kr 249,00 kr
The Enveloper pro. 8928000
149,90 kr
Barbo - Spel - Skräpälgen Elvin - 5939
Barbo - Spel - Skräpälgen Elvin - 5939
179,90 kr 169,00 kr
Utelek - Trapets-Ringar - 1572
199,00 kr 139,90 kr
Schleich - Arabisk Krigare Fotsoldat Med Svärd - 70042
149,00 kr
Schleich - Påfågel - 13728
Schleich - Påfågel - 13728
69,00 kr